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The Best CPAP Alternative

Hate Your CPAP? You’re Not alone.

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True Sleep Houston

The Best CPAP Alternative

Hate Your CPAP? You’re Not alone.

See if You Qualify For an Oral Appliance

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The Least-Invasive Sleep Apnea Treatment.

Many people avoid diagnosis and treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea because they are have heard horror stories about CPAP machines. The good news is – there is another treatment available!

Oral device therapy is a great alternative to CPAP machines and is a great option for people with mild to moderate sleep apnea.  You won’t even remember you are sleeping with it!

No Hoses

No Mask


Silent, Easy to Use Relief

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Go from sleeping like this…

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…to sleeping like this!

Starting Your Treatment Journey

You know you need to do something but worry that a CPAP is your only solution and the likelihood you’ll actually mess with a bulky mask and tubes for the rest of your life feels wildly low.

The truth is, sleep technology has advanced beyond the CPAP. You deserve to know all your sleep-better options.

The True Sleep Process

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Find Out Why CPAP Failed

40% of those with sleep apnea are prescribed a CPAP and don’t continue use —let’s see why CPAP didn’t work for you. Schedule a complimentary consult (virtual or in-person) with Dr. Morris to understand why an Oral Appliance may be a better fit.


Get Your Custom-Fit Appliance

From there, you’ll take a no-way-you-can-mess-it-up, at-home sleep test that will determine your diagnosis, if needed. If you have a recent and accurate sleep test, we’ll use that! If you’re a candidate for Oral Appliance Therapy, we’ll fabricate a custom appliance to comfortably fit your mouth.

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Get Back Hours of Good Sleep

The benefits of a full night of restorative sleep abound. Not only will you say goodbye to snoring, middle of the night potty breaks, and daytime grogginess, you’ll also increase your overall health and life expectancy—by up to 11 years!

Our Sleep Apnea Treatment Solutions.

Dr. Morris founded True Sleep to help people like you get answers to their sleep, and find the energy and health you so desperately want. We know first hand how draining the effects of sleep apnea can be and also how dreadful the thought of sleeping with a CPAP can feel.

That’s why we offer Oral Appliance Therapy, a life-changing and insurance-covered CPAP alternative that works for nearly all people suffering from mild to moderate sleep apnea.

Oral Appliance Therapy

The #1 Treatment Alternative to CPAP

Treating sleep apnea shouldn’t be a difficult experience. We are proud to provide our patients with an effective treatment for sleep apnea. It is a comfortable, non-invasive and simple treatment- also allowing patients to never have to rely on a CPAP machine.

An oral appliance has a slim profile-much like an orthodontic retainer- and keeps your airway open while you sleep, allowing you to breathe.

Oral Appliance Therapy is covered by your medical insurance.  True Sleep takes all major medical insurance, including Medicare.


Super Comfortable


Quick to Clean


Effortlessly Portable


90% of Patient Prefer


Covered by Your Medical Insurance


Never Noisy

How It Works.

Oral device therapy is a minimally invasive way to treat OSA. It rests comfortably in your mouth at night and gently repositions the jaw so you airway stay open while you are asleep. The oral device provides more stability to the soft tissue in the back of your throat so you can breathe easily without any obstruction.

The Benefits of an Oral Device

There are many benefits of using an oral device, especially when compared to CPAP machines. Some benefits include:

  • The oral device is small and non-invasive
  • No electricity is required
  • An oral device will not make noise while in use
  • You won’t wake up with a dry mouth or bloating
  • It’s easy to travel with an oral device
  • Oral devices are much more comfortable

Oral devices are an excellent alternative to CPAP machines. Contact us today if you want to learn more about oral device therapy.

Dr. Crystal Morris

I’m Dr. Morris, the founder of True Sleep. Unlike most people, sleep apnea hit me overnight. I had a stroke and consequently developed sleep apnea. This gave me a heightened awareness of how miserable it feels to not only go without good-quality sleep, but feel the damaging effects of not being able to breathe and get oxygen while I sleep.

Unfortunately, for most, sleep apnea gets worse gradually, so the effects are harder to identify; but believe me—they’re still there, in full force.

My belief that people deserve the fullness of life that comes with healthy sleep inspired me to leave my career in general dentistry in order to help. I’m passionate about sleep and helping others learn about their own sleep and help them on their journey to better health.